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Stella’s Sixth Blog Post

My sister Frankie is going to get chickens to herd!

Hi my friends! I wanted to update you on my sister Frankie. Recently she has been thinking about getting chickens so she can herd them and has a job like me. After talking it over with her parents her parents decided to get four chickens for her. They have been working on a chicken coop for their backyard and they should have it completed soon. It really is a nice chicken coop and they have put a lot of hard work into it for my sister Frankie. I know she will be so excited to have a job because she is full of energy all the time. Luckily my job is much more relaxed because I don’t think chickens and I would get along too well. Once my sister Frankie gets her chicks I will be sure to post pictures and videos for you – so stay tuned my friends!

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