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Stella’s Second Blog Post – Northport Highlands
215 S High St.
Northport, Michigan
(231) 386 - 9900
Mon - Fri 9am-5pm
Saturday - Sunday by appointment

Stella’s Second Blog Post

Good morning, my friends and Petters alike!  I have A LOT of new news for you, but I’ll only be able to touch on it briefly in this blog post for I am certain Adele or one of our other lovely residents will stop by pretty soon to get their morning pets in.  They’re currently preoccupied enjoying a delicious Omelet & Muffin, Western Scramble or Fried Eggs & Potato breakfast prepared by our Chef.  It looked so good I had to take a picture to share with you all (below).  It’s a shame they won’t let me try it I tell ya!

So anyways, last week I made my very first and VERY big premiere! – Not kidding!  Christina, a local news reporter stopped by my place of employment, Northport Highlands, to do a story all about me which aired on channel 7 & 4 news and is now available to view on their website by clicking here. Christina, like many (not to brag) was very impressed with my work ethic and everything I do for the amazing residents we have at Northport Highlands.  It was a very well done segment and showed residents talking about me, me running up and down the hall, greeting visitors, getting my pets in, and hanging out with my official emotional support dog vest and badge on.  It was so great to show off a few of our residents and our daily routine at Northport Highlands. I’m so lucky to have the wonderful opportunity to work with all these amazing people! I have included some behind the scenes footage for you to see:

Okay everyone, I hope you enjoyed my second blog post and a few really cool pictures! I’ll be back before you know it, but right now I have to go because I see Adele coming my way!




  • Kathy / Reply

    Stella I enjoyed watching you on 7&4 news I will be following you ❤️

    • admin / Reply

      Thank you so much, Kathy! You may also stop in and visit me anytime 🙂

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