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Stella’s Fourth Blog Post

Frankie and I won the 2019 Northport Dog Parade! That’s right! Can you believe my sister Fankie and I got 1st place and the most prestigious trophy of them all which is BEST DOG?! The theme was ‘Tail House Rock’ and Frankie and I won it together, but a lot of people and doggie friends have told me that I won it and my little sister Frankie just tagged along – they do call her the “downside one”, lol. After the parade we were interviewed by our local newspaper The Leelanau Enterprise. We answered a few questions and then posed for the camera, but Frankie and I were so excited we had trouble staying still. I wanted to share the newspaper article with you so I included it below.

After the victory I decided to continue working while Frankie stayed home and worked on her manners. She’s getting better, but she still has a long way to go! She is just so full of energy it’s hard for her to contain herself. I have a busy rest of the summer so I’ll try to keep this updated for you as much as possible. I will also work on a video for you all and show you around my work! Please keep checking back for updates from yours truly.


Dad and Mom showing off our trophy with Frankie and I. Yes, that is a picture of Elvis in the middle of it.
Little Frankie is just SO excited as we prepare for the parade walk!

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